Philosophy & History


As an emerging professional learning community, The Dearborn Academy takes a proactive role in the education of all its students. The primary focus is on the end result as the intellectual growth of all students is nurtured. Integrated and cross-disciplinary learning experiences are carefully designed so that students must use and build conceptual understanding of academic content and social development. Students are encouraged to use higher level thinking skills and to apply problem-solving skills in their daily learning experiences at school. When students do not learn, timely systematic interventions are applied to prevent failure. All students are required to be active participants in their learning process. All educators are required to be proactive in their approach to continually assess student learning and respond with interventions when necessary.


The Dearborn Academy is designed as a K-8 public school academy serving the Dearborn, Michigan community. Authorization was received from Central Michigan University in 1997. The Academy was established with the specific purpose of serving the diverse needs of the Dearborn community and surrounding areas which host a population of approximately 90,000 residents. This population is comprised of individuals and families from various ethnic backgrounds and cultures. Dearborn has one of the largest populations of Arabic speaking residents in the United States. The Academy serves students in kindergarten through grade eight who come from nine surrounding districts in the metropolitan Detroit area. A large percentage of students who attend the Academy are of Middle Eastern descent. Many of the students who enroll at the Academy are new or recent immigrants. Frequently, the parents, do not speak English. As a result, the Academy strives to communicate with the home in the student’s native language