The Dearborn Academy

The Dearborn Academy, in collaboration with the community, parents, and board members, believes that all students can achieve academic success. Our district is a Pre Pre-K through 8th Grade school that is uniquely enriched by the significant diversity within the population. We believe that our district’s responsibility is to provide a quality education enabling students to progress toward their maximum potential. We differentiate instruction to support students’ academic, social, and personal successes.

The Dearborn Academy follows the core curriculum standards and benchmarks established by the State of Michigan including the study of the Arabic language. Our school offers many special programs and services such as: an English Language Learner program, reading and math support, computer technology classes, physical education, art education, after school homework lab, special education and speech services, an on-site social worker and school psychologist. In addition, extra-curricular activities include a complete athletics program, Student Council, safety patrol, student life and outreach programs, and drama club.

We are dedicated to educating students in a safe, nurturing, educational environment while preparing them to be independent lifelong learners in a global society. Our proactive instructional setting provides a standardized curriculum, state of the art technological services and promotes bilingual education. Support from the community and families is highly encouraged and welcomed. Please feel free to contact the office or stop in for a visit. It would be our pleasure to share our educational programs and facilities with you. We look forward to seeing you in the near future.

Mrs. Melissa Lathrup

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